Time to change, time for innovation

Interludium FII has built an excellent and unrivalled international reputation in the fight against counterfeiting. We work for instance directly for Converse licensees and indirectly in brand protection for Björn Borg, leading perfume brands and top car manufacturers, Babolat tennis rackets, Hewlett-Packard and numerous other top line brands.

But we do more. Interludium FII also offers extensive financial intelligence services and is specialized in:

  • Worldwide retrieval of financial and personal data
  • Worldwide tracing of real estate and recordings from Chambers of Commerce
  • Unraveling of complex shareholder constructions
  • Business and/or pre-employment screening
  • Art recovery

Fraud investigations cost much time and are therefore often inefficient. Priority for the authorities is minimal and consequently the chances the deprived recover their money or other investments. Fast action is required and civil action is often advisable.

Interludium FII

Therefore, Interludium FII is repeatedly employed to:

  • Perform financial investigations (e.g. worldwide tracing of bank accounts, account transfers between distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, tracing real estate, tracing Chamber of Commerce registrations)
  • Trace locations by means of "tracking" cell phones
  • Track communications and unravel hidden websites
  • Investigate "shelf" and "dormant" companies where monies are moved through
  • Provide full background reports on key individuals to support criminal prosecution
  • Track down credit cards and credit card transactions

Continuously we seek creative and innovative solutions, not putting on hold the old ways of research, but stagnation means decline, especially in the field of investigation. Consequently, Interludium FII provides a complete and very cost effective service including a full written report which can be used in civil proceedings. Reductions of 30 to 50% on the traditional research costs are not unthinkable!

This is a new, exciting and forward thinking concept in the field of investigations! In combating fraud, Interludium FII is certainly unique.

Interludium FII is globally engaged to provide its tailor-made and cost-effective services by Government Departments, Law Firms, Brand Owners, Investment Companies, High Net Worth Individuals and Financial Institutions.

Interludium FII is able to trace assets even in countries such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Bahamas, Marshall Islands, British Virgin Islands and Panama where assets are held overseas.

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